Trying an Oatmeal Apple Treat Recipe From Google

At a glance In case you just want to try the recipe and don't want to read the whole article, here's what you should know: The recipe in this article contains ingredients that are perfectly safe for your dog to eat; however, you should choose an unsweetened variety of applesauce that does not contain any... Continue Reading →

The Mistakes I Made As a Dog Owner

I hope that reading this will help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made. However, if you have already made some of these mistakes, then you're not alone and it's not the end of the world. Teaching our dogs important skills during their puppyhood simply makes life a little bit easier later on. But not only do we all make mistakes, some of us will have rescued dogs that are well into their adult years. Either way, you can certainly help your dog learn to let go of his fear of the bathtub or the vet or let you hold his paws or whatever else it may be no matter how old he is. That is to say, an old dog can definitely learn new tricks. It just takes a little more effort.

Can your dog get Coronavirus? Can your dog spread COVID-19 to you?

Though the number of coronavirus cases in the US is still small, it has been rising slowly, and some health officials expect it to spread throughout communities. While many of us understand the risk to ourselves and our families, what about our dogs? Can dogs be infected by COVID-19? Can our pets facilitate the spread of this illness?

Is Meat Tenderizer Safe for Dogs?

In my last article about coprophagia, I mentioned offhand that vets will often suggest one use meat tenderizer to reduce poo munching as it supposedly makes turds less palatable. One of my readers, who struggles with her puppy eating poop, also received this recommendation from her own vet. However, she was a bit reluctant to... Continue Reading →

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? And What to Do About It.

There can be many potential reasons for why a dog eats poop. For instance, it may be a result of a health problem that causes nutrient or enzyme deficiencies. However, even a healthy dog may be attracted to leftover nutrients in stool. Doo doo dining could also be behavioral, a result of instincts passed on from wolves. Regardless, the best method to reduce crap crunching is simply to get outside and clean it up.

Feeding your dog REAL food

Today I watched a video on YouTube by a channel called Bon Appetit. It was about a woman going on a treasure hunt of sorts, but it ultimately lead to her learning about and making dog food by hand. Except, she wasn't making kibble. She was cooking the foods we use every day, but for... Continue Reading →

Can ASMR Benefit Dogs?

If you've been on the internet for the past five or so years, you've probably heard of ASMR. It has been rapidly gaining popularity, and is actually something I, myself, have been enjoying for probably two or three years now. But just in case you don't know what it is, let me give you the... Continue Reading →

Will Shaving Your Dog Keep Her Cool?

Recently, a family friend visited my house with her dog. This dog happens to be from the same litter as Luca, but they are very different, both in temperament and appearance. Her dog is actually quite scruffy, and she mentioned that she shaves him because it helps him feel cooler. I immediately thought of some... Continue Reading →

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