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Luca enjoying a wet towel

This is what he does every time I get out of the shower.

Luca Doesn’t Like Lavender

I took this video a while back, but I thought it would be fun to share since Luca’s reaction is so silly. With all of the stress from the coronavirus pandemic, I think we could all use some silly dogs in our lives.

This video may have inspired me to prank my dogs…

Ok, so this is a dog blog and this video isn’t about dogs. But you know what? It’s cute. And cute makes the world a better place.

This video of a rabbit being “pranked” showed up in my recommended and I couldn’t pass it up. It has real Jenna Marbles energy, if you know what I mean. Basically, the bunny owner places a bunch of blueberries around his rabbit while it is sleeping, and then cuts one open to entice it to wake up. Thus commences the rabbit’s buffet of blueberries, complete with cute eating noises and stained lips… and perhaps a stained carpet.

The comments on this video are also pretty great, with my favorites being some of the following:

This one by Bree S. is especially relatable.

Hope you enjoyed this daily dose of cuteness! 🙂

Video Footage of a Search and Rescue Dog “Saving” a Human Who is Buried in Snow

This video is an oldie but a goodie. It was posted on February 19, 2019 by Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England. It shows a view from under the snow of a rescue dog digging and then entering the snowdrift in which a person was buried. Since this was all part of the dog’s training, no one was hurt.

The organization responsible for the video describes themselves on Twitter as “A charity training Mountain Rescue volunteers & their dogs, to find vulnerable missing people in the wild & remote places of the UK since 1971.”

The dog in the video is a border Collie named Flo.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dz2O9_kX0AA0aba
Photo credit: Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England via Twitter.

On their website, the organization describes Flo as a confident, intelligent young dog with a fantastic work ethic and a lot of drive. She’ll be six years old in March 2020. As of writing this post, she has assisted in over 30 searches for missing persons.

Dear Delivery People, Please Stop Ringing the Doorbell

We know it all too well: the sound of the doorbell followed by a cacophony of dog barks. Some of us get to enjoy a solo performance, whereas others are listening to a whole choir. While some dog owners are lucky to have dogs that don’t bark much, many of us simply can’t relate. If your dogs are like mine and don’t stop barking on command, this one is for you.

Dear Delivery People,

You make this first world turn. There are very few things that bring me as much joy as receiving the package I’ve been waiting for. Without you, that wouldn’t be possible, so thank you. However, there is something that must be addressed… you rang the doorbell. You rang the doorbell and started a war in my house, a never ending battle in which my dogs fire off their barks like machine guns. I hush and shush to no avail. Even after you’ve left with your truck, your memory is fresh in their mind. They sing about you as if performing a musical eulogy. “All gone,” I say, and as they stare through the window at the empty street out front, they finally begin to slow their barking. But still they compete: who will get the last bark? All this from a simple ring of the doorbell.

My dear delivery person, I know you mean well, but I hope that you can understand the great disturbance you cause each and every time you come to my house and ring the doorbell. I want you to know that it is not necessary. I have been tracking my package since the order date, so I know when it will arrive. Not only that, I receive email alerts on my phone telling me that my package has been delivered. You need not use the doorbell as another means of letting me know that my package has come. Please simply leave it outside the door and be on your way. If I am lucky, the dogs won’t even notice you were here. Thank you for understanding.

Dog parents of America

P.S. I understand packages sometimes require a signature. This is the only acceptable reason to ring the doorbell.

I hope you enjoyed this silly little post today. This morning, a delivery man placed a package at the door, rang the doorbell, and walked away. At this time, I was still sleeping… until the doorbell went off, of course. The dogs in the living room started their choir, and my Luca, who sleeps with me, had to bark more crazily than them because he couldn’t even see what he was barking about. Funny how not knowing the cause of his bark seems to make his barks more frantic and long-lasting. Maybe I should disconnect my doorbell.

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