Dog Sense: The Book Every Dog Lover Should Read

Dogs across the world would have better lives if more people simply picked up this book. If more people understood how their dogs think and learn, then perhaps they would be less likely to turn to punishment. Dog Sense combats common misconceptions with science and sound logic.

My Experience Using the Gentle Leader Head Collar

A while back, I found out about a product called the Gentle Leader. This is a head collar with a loop that goes around the nose, and it is supposed to be a humane way to get your dog to walk nicely on a leash. After watching some videos about this tool, I went to... Continue Reading →

JW GripSoft Undercoat Rake Review

Recently, a hardware store near my house closed down, which meant everything in the store was offered at a discounted price. I had been wanting a rake brush for some time, wondering if it would be a better option for my yellow labs. Luckily, this hardware store happened to have one, so I snagged it.... Continue Reading →

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