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Looking for Affordable, Healthy Dog Treats? You May Already Have Them in Your Pantry + My Favorite Store-Bought Treats.

I've been trying to make healthy choices for my dogs as much as possible, and while I can't afford to feed a raw diet, I can pay more attention to the treats I'm giving them. Now, store-bought treats aren't always unhealthy, and they aren't harmful either. But a lot of them tend to be akin... Continue Reading →

CBD Oil For Arthritis Relief in Dogs: Studies, Legality, and What to Consider Before Purchasing

CBD oil is rapidly becoming more and more popular for treating a variety of problems in both humans and pets. There is a ton of anecdotal evidence about its efficacy, but what does science say? Though there isn't a lot of research available, current studies offer promising results. This article explores research on CBD oil and canine arthritis, explains the legality of CBD, and offers advice on how to choose a safe CBD product for your dog.

Can your dog get Coronavirus? Can your dog spread COVID-19 to you?

Though the number of coronavirus cases in the US is still small, it has been rising slowly, and some health officials expect it to spread throughout communities. While many of us understand the risk to ourselves and our families, what about our dogs? Can dogs be infected by COVID-19? Can our pets facilitate the spread of this illness?

Is Meat Tenderizer Safe for Dogs?

In my last article about coprophagia, I mentioned offhand that vets will often suggest one use meat tenderizer to reduce poo munching as it supposedly makes turds less palatable. One of my readers, who struggles with her puppy eating poop, also received this recommendation from her own vet. However, she was a bit reluctant to... Continue Reading →

Feeding your dog REAL food

Today I watched a video on YouTube by a channel called Bon Appetit. It was about a woman going on a treasure hunt of sorts, but it ultimately lead to her learning about and making dog food by hand. Except, she wasn't making kibble. She was cooking the foods we use every day, but for... Continue Reading →

Will Shaving Your Dog Keep Her Cool?

Recently, a family friend visited my house with her dog. This dog happens to be from the same litter as Luca, but they are very different, both in temperament and appearance. Her dog is actually quite scruffy, and she mentioned that she shaves him because it helps him feel cooler. I immediately thought of some... Continue Reading →

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