JW GripSoft Undercoat Rake Review

Recently, a hardware store near my house closed down, which meant everything in the store was offered at a discounted price. I had been wanting a rake brush for some time, wondering if it would be a better option for my yellow labs. Luckily, this hardware store happened to have one, so I snagged it. I figured I would write a little review on this specific brush to let you know if it’s worth adding to your own collection. Or, if you’re tired of reading, you can watch the video I made about it.

What is a rake brush?

There are a couple different kinds of rake brushes. The one I got simply has pointy teeth. Other types actually have blades which curve upward so the bottoms are not sharp and will not cut the dog’s skin. The goal of rake brushes is to reach beyond the top coat on dogs with double layered coats (like Labrador retrievers) and remove the loose, dead fur from the undercoat.


This JW GripSoft Undercoat Rake was about $13 at the hardware store, which seems a little overpriced considering similar brushes from the same brand can be found on Amazon for $7-$10. However, the store I got this brush from did have a tendency to overprice items, and the discount offered due to the store closing was only 25%. As you will see in the picture, this brush does not have blades; instead, it has pointy teeth. I’m not sure pointy is even the right word, because they are, of course, blunt at the ends so as not to hurt your dog.

How it works

How to use an undercoat rake seems like common sense, right? Just brush it through your dog’s fur. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when using this type of tool. First of all, you should brush in the direction the fur is growing. There are some brushes that actually do better when you brush against the direction of growth, but that is not the case with this brush. Second, you really need to take care to be gentle with this tool. Not only can it be uncomfortable for your dog if you apply to much pressure when brushing, but the JW Undercoat Rake also tends to get caught in large clumps of fur. These clumps of fur do need to be removed, but if you just pull the brush through using your strength, your dog may experience pain. No one likes getting their hair pulled, after all. When you get to one of these clumps, use short, gentle strokes until the hair loosens. Dogs show signs of discomfort in different ways: some dogs will lick their lips (this is often referred to as a “tongue flick”) and others may even bite at the object that is bothering them. If your dog is showing signs of discomfort, try to me more gentle with this tool, or use a different brush to try and loosen the fur before going back in with the rake.

My overall rating: 3.5/5 🌟

The good thing about this brush is that it actually does work pretty well. It gets a ton of hair out of your dog’s coat. This is probably why its counterparts on Amazon have over four stars. Not only that, it is quite comfortable to hold in one’s hand. The reason I cannot give it a higher rating, though, is because it can cause discomfort to your dog if you aren’t careful. I don’t like that it gets stuck in bigger clumps of fur and requires you to either tug (gently as possible) at your dog’s fur or get another tool entirely to try and loosen the fur. Another thing I didn’t like about this brush is that sometimes it misses small chunks of fur that need to be removed. These small clumps of fur just slide between the teeth and never seem to get picked up. Overall, I do think this is a useful tool for removing excess hair, but it may work best in tandem with another brush.

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