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Dog Sense: The Book Every Dog Lover Should Read

Dogs across the world would have better lives if more people simply picked up this book. If more people understood how their dogs think and learn, then perhaps they would be less likely to turn to punishment. Dog Sense combats common misconceptions with science and sound logic.

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Looking for Affordable, Healthy Dog Treats? You May Already Have Them in Your Pantry + My Favorite Store-Bought Treats.

I've been trying to make healthy choices for my dogs as much as possible, and while I can't afford to feed a raw diet, I can pay more attention to the treats I'm giving them. Now, store-bought treats aren't always unhealthy, and they aren't harmful either. But a lot of them tend to be akin... Continue Reading →

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Plagiarism on Pet Websites

What is plagiarism? It's when you take someone else's work or ideas without giving them credit — you're passing them off as your own. That is exactly what I was asked to do today. I had completed an article for a certain pet website, and they replied to me telling me to remove my in-text citations and works cited page. What?! Don't they know how plagiarism works?

Cute and Funny Things Luca Does

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things about my dog, Luca. He has so much personality and does so many silly things, some of which I've never seen a dog do before. Suffice to say, he's a lot of fun to be around.

CBD Oil For Arthritis Relief in Dogs: Studies, Legality, and What to Consider Before Purchasing

CBD oil is rapidly becoming more and more popular for treating a variety of problems in both humans and pets. There is a ton of anecdotal evidence about its efficacy, but what does science say? Though there isn't a lot of research available, current studies offer promising results. This article explores research on CBD oil and canine arthritis, explains the legality of CBD, and offers advice on how to choose a safe CBD product for your dog.

Preparing for Coronavirus as a Dog Owner

Many states are practicing social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. California has even gone on lockdown. While it's important not to panic, as dog owners we should be prepared in case we do contract COVID-19. This article will provide you with some tips for keeping your dog engaged during quarantine, as well as hopefully calm your anxiety about what to do if you run out of dog food.

JW GripSoft Undercoat Rake Review

Recently, a hardware store near my house closed down, which meant everything in the store was offered at a discounted price. I had been wanting a rake brush for some time, wondering if it would be a better option for my yellow labs. Luckily, this hardware store happened to have one, so I snagged it.... Continue Reading →

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